MONSTERS - Coming soon


Today my management and I are proud to share that my first single “MONSTERS” from my upcoming album, “B.I.E.S.T.”, will be coming out on Spotify, iTunes and YouTube on Friday, June 1st – 2018! ?
Monsters is a song about trying to win your dream girl for yourself while everyone is standing in the way. It’s about staying in the shadows like… Monsters. ?
Also, today is the day I officially launched my own website/platform where you can stay up to date with everything I do and more! Go check it out at:
Be sure to stay up to date. I hope you all will like my first single, Monsters! 
The Universe


The Universe was born 26 February 1993. He’s born in The Netherlands in The Hague. His parents came from the city of Paramaribo, Suriname in the South of America and settled in The Hague in the early 1970’s. Although Universe had his parents, he has been raised by his grandmother from an early age.

His grandmother tried to keep him on the right lane, but due to wrong influences, Universe ended up doing some activities which he now pronounces as a huge mistake, but had to do in order to support his grandmother financially.

Universe’s love for music was evident from a very early age. He started his career in his early teenage years and decided to write his own songs on beats from major artists.

At one point, Universe was told by his father and nephew/producer Ridge to step his game up and actually record and release original music. That’s when Universe dedicated himself into making an album which would be his first introduction.

After a few backfires from his life in 2017, he fell back, into a depression. Lots of people who believed in him at first, started to faint away, he lost his dayjob, money, long time girlfriend, lots of friends, family and even worse himself.

This left Universe very confused and low in self esteem. But he didn’t give up on his passion for music and so thought of other ideas to pursue his dream.

Later that year Universe applied for a new job, where he met up with his now manager: Anu (FASHIONBYANU). Anu woke Universe up to become the best version of himself. The two started to work together and started to cook up some great heat together with big platinum producers in the Dutch music industry.

Universe prepared himself once again and wrote his whole debute album full with passion which shall be released under his own independed record label called: Beard Money Entertainment. Soon, Universe is going to explode all over the entire globe.